Ultiworld 2015 College Team Pack

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Ultiworld 2015 College Team Pack

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The Ultiworld College Team Pack is the best deal in ultimate video!

When you buy the team pack, you get instant access to all of Ultiworld's 2014/2015 college video archives for your entire team and coaching staff (for download or streaming). Not only that, you get all these great benefits:

- A 15% discount at Friction Gloves for orders of 15 or more pairs

- A 50% discount on any season from Rise Up's professional instructional video collection

- A chance to win private video analysis for your college team by Ultiworld's video analysis team

- A chance to submit practice, captaining, and strategy questions to Ultiworld's Coaches Corner

- 15% off at the VC Ultimate online store, and 10% off on team orders

- Free shorts with the purchase of two jerseys at Five Ultimate

- More great benefits, including apparel discounts, to be announced soon!

This package vastly reduces the per-person cost for video access while making it possible for Ultiworld to continue offering a great video product.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email us at editor@ultiworld.com.

I want this!
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