Tournament Package - 2013 Club Championships

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You can get access to 11 HD games from the 2013 Club Championships for one very low price of just $15. All games (except the Men's 3rd place game) include commentary from expert Ultiworld reporters.

You will get the following games:


Toronto GOAT v. Seattle Sockeye (Pool Play) 
New York PoNY v. Chicago Machine (Round of 16) 
Austin Doublewide v. Denver Johnny Bravo (Quarterfinals) 
Boston Ironside v. Denver Johnny Bravo (3rd Place Game)


Washington DC Scandal v. Boston Brute Squad (Pool Play) 
Chicago Nemesis v. Austin Showdown (Pool Play) 
San Francisco Nightlock v. Vancouver Traffic (Pro Flight Qualifier)
Vancouver Traffic v. Toronto Capitals (Round of 16)
San Francisco Fury v. Austin Showdown (Semifinals)


Ashville Cahoots v. Seattle The DOH Abides (Pool Play) 
Boston Wild Card v. San Francisco Polar Bears (Semifinals)

Games can be downloaded or streamed.


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If you are planning to watch the video with multiple people, we ask that you pay what you feel to be a fair price above $15.

Spirit of the Purchase: 

Ultiworld purposefully provides these videos without copy protection and without any formal restrictions. We only ask that you do not redistribute or sell the material. Once purchased, the gametape is yours to keep forever and to use for any reasonable personal use.
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Tournament Package - 2013 Club Championships

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