U.S. Open 2013 - Tournament Package

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Get access to all of Ultiworld's full game footage from the 2013 US Open for one low price. With high-quality 1080p video filmed from a high sideline angle, you'll enjoy 8 full games with play-by-play and color commentary (note: the Fury v. Riot game had corrupted audio and is presented without sound).

When you purchase the package, you will receive a PDF confirming your download. Within 12 hours (but usually sooner -- within an hour during business hours), Ultiworld will then email you instructions and a unique coupon code to download the games at your leisure as they become available.

You'll get the following games:


Boston Ironside v. San Francisco Revolver (Pool Play) 
Raleigh Ring of Fire v. San Francisco Revolver (Pool Play)
Austin Doublewide v. Copenhagen Ragnarok  (Pool Play)
Bogotá Euforia v. Raleigh Ring of Fire (Pool Play) 


San Francisco Fury v. Seattle Riot [NO AUDIO] (Pool Play)
Seattle Riot v. DC Scandal (Semifinals)


Team USA v. Team Colombia (World Games Showcase) 
San Francisco Mischief v. Minneapolis Drag'N Thrust (Semifinals)

Spirit of the Purchase: 

Ultiworld purposefully provides these videos without copy protection or any formal restrictions. We only ask that you do not redistribute or sell the material. Once purchased, the gametape is yours to keep forever and to use for any reasonable personal use.
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U.S. Open 2013 - Tournament Package

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